Primary Care

Primary Care is a large facet of general medicine that encompasses much more than just disease. Some of the different aspects of primary care include; preventive health screening, patient education, diagnosis of common medical diseases and appropriate treatment plans that are tailored to the individual patient. While many specialists focus on a specific area of concern, Emed’s primary care providers are trained to see the patient as a whole unit and not just separate pieces to treat individually.

For Emed Primary Care good health is much more than just the absence of disease. It encompasses all aspects of the patients’ physical and emotional well being and it attempts to achieve this state of health through sound evidence based medicine, patient education, and a team work approach to overall general health.

While Primary Care encompasses a multitude of health issues, for which the majority will be addressed at Emed Primary Care, our staff have decades of combined experience in the most chronic health issues, such as: high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid, neurologic, pulmonary, COPD, and liver disease. Emed also promotes smart preventive health care to help reduce the patient’s amount of risk factors for disease which include tobacco abuse, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol abuse, and obesity.

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