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What is Hepatitis C?

Of individuals infected with HCV, 15%-20% experience recovery. While the remaining 75%-85% progress to chronic hepatitis C. Individuals with chronic infection may have no symptoms. However, approximately 60% of individuals with chronic infection advance to fibrosis and cirrhosis.
Hepatitis C screening

Persons for Whom Hepatitis C screening Is Recommended

  • Adults born from 1945 through 1965 should be tested once.
  • Currently injecting drugs
  • Ever injected drugs, including those who injected once or a few times many years ago
  • Received clotting factor concentrates produced before 1987
  • Long-term blood dialysis
  • Persistently abnormal amino levels.
  • Have HIV infection
  • Prior recipients of transfusions or organ transplants, including persons who:
  • Received blood from a donor who later tested positive for infection
  • A transfusion of blood, blood components, or an organ transplant before July 1992

As persons for Whom Routine Hepatitis C screening Is of Uncertain Need

  • Recipients of transplanted tissue (e.g., corneal, skin, ova, sperm)
  • Cocaine and other non-injecting illegal drug users
  • Persons with a history of tattooing or body piercing
  • Persons with a history of multiple sex partners or sexually transmitted diseases
  • Especially Long-term steady sex partners of HCV-positive persons

Finally Persons for Whom Routine Hepatitis C screening Is Not Recommended

  • Health-care, emergency medical, and public safety workers
  • Pregnant women
  • Household (nonsexual) contacts of HCV-positive persons
  • Finally General population

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