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Correct Latching

Correct Latching

Most important part of breastfeeding is Latching. If your baby has not latched properly then nursing can be painful for you & for your newborn. When a comfortable position & CORRECT LATCH is obtained then breastfeeding can be an amazing experience for a mom and a baby.

First, you must hold your baby in a comfortable position so that baby can latch on your nipple easily, can suck it & drain out milk.

Following these steps can help new moms to ensure the correct latching:

  1. Make sure your baby’s mouth is wide open when latching on.
  2. Hold your breast with your hand so that baby has enough of the nipple to latch.
  3. Bring your baby’s mouth close to your nipple, trying to center your nipple in the baby’s mouth above the tongue.
  4. Baby is latched correctly when both of his lips are pursed outward around your nipple.
  5. Baby should have all of your nipple & darker skin around the nipple (areola) in his mouth.
  6. Make sure your baby’s nose is almost touching your breast. You can hear your baby swallowing.

Your baby will take a pause in between sucks. Sucks will increase as the baby grows & milk supply increase.

Initially baby gives 4-5 sucks then a pause of few seconds.

Your baby will release the breast on his own once he is full. If your baby doesn’t release your breast but the sucks then you can slip your finger in the side of your baby’s mouth & turn.

Babies who have not latched correctly, will frequently sleep at breast & seems dissatisfied. They are not getting sufficient milk supply because of the poor latch.

In initial days, You may have sore nipples when your newborn tries to latch & suck your nipples. Once baby has established a good latch, your nipple soreness & pain will reduce in 2-3 weeks.

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