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Primary Care & Urgent Care Atlantic Beach Florida

Primary Care & Urgent Care Atlantic Beach Florida

Primary Care & Urgent Care Atlantic Beach Florida

At Emed primary care & walk in clinic of Atlantic Beach Florida, our staff and physicians are committed to providing outstanding primary care services. Experts in primary care, we work together as a team to deliver comprehensive and also compassionate care with minimal waiting times, and we are happy and also ready to care for those with insurance from the affordable care act known as Obama Care.


Access to Professional Atlantic Beach , FL Primary Care & Urgent Care Service

At Emed primary care & walk in clinic, our staff is committed to providing outstanding primary care services.

Expert Health Care Services

Walk in Services is an important aspect of primary care with its main difference being the need for immediate evaluation and also treatment. Much of what is treated in an emergency room today can be treated by physicians in the walk in  care arena. Walk in care has grown rapidly in the past 5 years due to long wait times in the ERs, and the extended number of days primary care physician offices have to schedule a visit. Emed is a Jacksonville’s best priced Walk in Care center, accepting walk in’s and also non-appointment visits. Emed also offers extended hours, digital X-ray imaging, and in-house medication dispensing. Most Walk in Care facilities do not treat chronic illnesses.

Common health concerns that Emed will address in an efficient manner include: URI, cough, cold, flu, strep throat, staph infection, ear infections, sinusitis, headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, chest cold, abdominal pain, diarrhea, STDs, UTIs, discomfort in the joints, sprains, wound care, as well as laceration repair.

Providing Atlantic Beach Residents with Affordable Health Care

Primary Care is a large facet of general medicine that encompasses much more than just disease. Some of the different aspects of primary care include; preventive health screening, patient education, diagnosis of common medical diseases and appropriate treatment plans that are tailored to the individual patient. While many specialists focus on a specific area of concern, eMed primary care providers are trained to see the patient as a whole and not just body parts. For Emed Primary Care good health is much more than just the absence of disease. It encompasses all aspects of the patients’ physical and emotional well being and it attempts to achieve this state of health through sound evidence based medicine, patient education, and a team work approach to overall general health.

Urgent Care in the Atlantic Beach Jacksonville, FL Area:

We accept Walk-Ins during the following hours: Monday-Friday: 1PM – 3PM.Our lunch hour is 11:30am – 1:00pm Monday – Friday.

Due to the volume of patients we are seeing everyday we can only accept up to 50 walk-ins during these times. We now offer pain management services  as well, these services will be provided Monday – Thursday from 8:30AM – 11:00AM and 1:00pm-4:00pm.

A visit with your normal primary care physician is required before these services will be provided. We look forward to serving you in this area and helping to make your medical care more convenient and efficient for you.